Wednesday, August 26, 2015

37 week bumpdate!

So im not updating every.single.week. like I was with Camila, but every few weeks is enough I feel. Hopefully baby number 3 (if we so chose) won't get completely dropped off the bumpdate radar…ha.



I can't complain too much - this pregnancy has still been pretty easy compared to stories Ive heard. And for the most part, its been very similar to my pregnancy with Camila - easy peasy. Until now. Well until maybe 3-4 weeks ago.


I dug a hole for my belly! Most blissful 20 minutes…
even with a toddler climbing all over me.
When I had Camila I guess it aggravated a ligament in my pelvis, right dead center, that over this past year has bothered me off and on. It usually only flared up when I ran too hard or too long (split-leg exercises are what aggravate it the most) but I was able to maintain it by just laying off the running, and then building back up slowly. Well, I guess pregnancy pressure plus walking/running on the beach plus glut kickbacks (such an easy exercise but my pelvis was saying NO) messed it up so bad I had trouble walking the next day. Oy!

The official name for this pain is Symphasis Pelvis Dysfunction, which is apparently really common. The doctor and online resources all said I should really lay off of it completely until baby is born so that its not aggravated during labor, so I decided to completely lay off the workouts. I figure its only a few weeks, plus the 6 weeks after the baby is born. Its still driving me NUTS though - especially since then I started having this terrible HIP pain that, again, if I wasn't careful, left me limping some days. Holy pain! Whats wrong with me?! I was at the point where even walking to the park, which is right around the corner, was sometimes too much. And if a wonderful day came where I could handle the walk and didn't have to drive, I definitely needed some couch time afterwards.

This was obviously driving me INSANE! Im such an active person and so forcing myself to slow down has been hard. However every time I tried to jump up to do something 'normal' my body typically reminded me with a sharp pain that I needed to slow the f*** down. Not so great with an active toddler. Who luckily sticks pretty close. But my energy has also been declining rapidly so maybe its all a good thing. Ive barely had the energy to get up off the couch most days, let alone make dinner.

Also, did I mention Im huge? Like, really big. I look like Im due any day. My neighbor/friend asked me a week ago when Im due. I said the 17th and she nodded and smiled. Then I said "…of Septemeber" and she goes, "WHAT?!", eyes bugged out and everything. I had to laugh. Because thats how I feel. Every morning. He feels really low, like his head is poking out. And a few times a day it feels like he's grabbing onto a nerve connected right to my most sensitive lady part areas and tugging and twisting away. Its the strangest, most uncomfortable feeling!

Luckily though, all of a sudden yesterday I felt almost like my old self again. My pains are mostly gone and Ive actually had the energy to plan and cook dinner and make bread and clean the house (all which have been TERRIBLY neglected lately). Last night I was on my hands and knees after Camila went to bed scrubbing the tub. I hear that this sudden burst of energy is common before labor so hopefully its a sign?! Hold on I need to go mop...

Despite all my complaining, we are really loving life and anticipating this new little member. So soon now! You wouldn't know it by looking at our house though - we don't have a hospital bag packed or a bassinet next to the bed or even a room that resembles a nursery for him. Funny how 2nd babies do that
Our little flower girl! Us at 2 of our closest friends'
to ya  :) We are working on all that, just slowly. He won't need much when he gets here anyway. A boob and a blanket and we will be set.

Ive been asked a few times what Camila thinks, if she's excited for the baby. My answer is always the same - she has NO CLUE. She can't, she's too young. We tell her her baby brother, her "hermanito", is in my belly, so now when we ask her, "Donde esta tu hermanito?" she will just happily pat the closest belly to her - sometimes even her own. I imagine her thinking, "They are telling me that this body part is called a baby brother so Ill play along!" She is pretty obsessed with my large belly though. She thinks its hilarious when I bump her head with it. Serious belly giggles. Its pretty entertaining.

Needless to say we cannot WAIT for this little guy to get here. Any day now little dude. We can't even imagine what he's going to look like - We imagined with Camila and we were totally wrong. We imagined her with black hair and dark skin, and my facial features, but she's completely flipped. While she is pretty tan, she has my skin for the most park, her hair is BLOND for gosh sakes (MUST be the sun because seriously?!) and her actual FACE looks just like Donovan's. Genetics are so funny! I just hope he's not a large as my belly would imply that he is…

Enjoying one of the few pool days we have left - how
is my belly this big?! Also loving Camila's face.