Saturday, February 11, 2017

Still in transition...

So our household shipment got delayed AND our time was up at the hotel. Usually people use lender furniture from the government at this time but we are SO LUCKY to have family here to stay with. Our new official delivery date is the 20th. So we are back with Donovan's brother and his family until then!

It kiiinda feels like we just moved to Germany. Haha. In the hotel apartment we had started to have a rhythm. But now it's kind of up in the air again! 

But we have been trying to fill our time. I got my license and my car (finally!!!!) so the kids and I have some freedom during the day! And that's HUGE!!!

I've been getting some sort of workout in every day, which is huge. 

We spent the day yesterday at the yellow house (that's just what we call it now! 😊) while we had some new furniture delivered... and Camila discovered bubble wrap for the first time:

We've also done some art projects and games when it's too cold to go outside: 


Playing outside even though it's effing cold:

And of course watching movies 😆
Sarahi is in kindergarten so she's in school every day until 3. But Camila and Joaquín and Pablo have been having fun together during the day which is so nice! C

I'll be honest- it looks all glamorous and fun and casual but I'm obviously only posting the highlight real (that's true of all social media isn't it?). I've been so edgy and lazy and impatient the last few weeks and I hate the way that feels. And LOGICALLY i know that this is almost over, we will be settled soon, I'll barely remember this time, yada yada... and it helps to remind myself that. And we try to remind ourselves all the positive things we have going on because there are so, so many. But the weather and the life inconsistency is wearing on both of us (it's been 3 months now without a "home") and I'm definitely not being the mother and wife I want to be. So I really look forward to getting in a rhythm again!

That's it for now! 
(So funny how your life REVOLVES around your kids once you have them- how many pictures of Donovan and me do you count in this post?! 😂)