Monday, March 17, 2014

How far along? 26/27 weeks!

Total Weight Gain: 28-30 lbs!

Stretch Marks: None so far… ahhh fingers crossed!

Belly button: is looking strange. That’s all I got. Ha.

Showing: Getting larger! 

Movement: All the time. Funny, it used to be that she moved less during the day and mores in the evenings when I was relaxing. Now its flipped - she moves all the time at work and is less active at night. 

Feeling: Feeling great overall! 

Cravings: I've been craving sweets lately…like ice-cream…uhoh!

Symptoms: My lower back still hurts here and there, especially after cardio or standing for a long time. And my hair doesn't fall out anymore!  :) Oh also, CONE BELLY! Wow this surprised me - a few weeks ago, when I was sitting up in bed, I noticed my ab muscles, when contracted, looked like a mountain range down my midsection! It totally freaked me out - did some research, turns out is ab separation. Apparently its normal and meant to happen, and they will go back to normal after delivery, but it sure is odd! 
Missing: SUMMER. We had a sweet taste of spring recently - missing my flip flops!

Looking Forward to: Our baby shower in El Paso this weekend!

Sleep: Still sleeping very well with a fluffy pillow wedged under me!

Exercise: Last week Donovan and I were both feeling off for different reasons, so we took a week to deload - no lifting, only cardio. If felt good, both of our bodies needed it. We ended up going for a loooong walk through the hiking and biking trails in our neighborhood on a 64 degree day - felt so great to be outside! We are back in the gym this week. I have dropped weight a good amount recently and some exercises, like bench press, can be done with dumbbells instead of barbell. This makes it easier for both Donovan and I with loading and reloading the bar between sets - usually we go back and forth, but he always has at least 2 45lb plates on each side of the bar, and depending on the height of the bar, now its getting harder for me to get them on and off! Craziness. Sometimes I get frustrated…but, although my load is much lighter than it used to be, continuing my workouts will greatly help my body retain muscle and muscle memory, which I will need to help bounce back after delivery! Working out is also what makes me feel good, even if Im not breaking the same kind of sweat as I used to.
My husband has also been so amazing. I know I say this all the time, but he's right there with me during this journey, still helping me reach my goals, even as they shift and change. 

Eating: My stomach is definitely getting squished because I can't eat the same amount of food in one sitting. I get full quickly, but snack a lot. I hear this is common. Meals are nutritious and healthy, extra cheats as usual, but trying to keep them minimal. 

Thoughts this week: There have been 10 snow days this winter - 10!!! I can't even remember all 10! Some of them were greatly enjoyed watching movies, playing in the snow and baking cookies with my husband. Hwever now, we are sick of it! Soooo ready for spring! However, I guess it as a good winter for being pregnant.  :)
Also, Lately Ive been so…AWARE…that SHE is in there. SOMEone, a little girl!!!! My mind started to shift…its not really "Im pregnant" anymore, it's "were having a baby girl." Before I do ANYthing, I think about her. If she stops kicking for too long, I can't function until I feel her again. This is much less about me now and much more about her (welcome to parenthood eh?). Hence, the switcheroo in the way I write the pictures. Just felt right to address her directly. 
At the DC United season opener!

26 weeks - keeping fit together!

Celebrating Abu's birthday in Annapolis, at a bar - yes I got funny stares!

27 weeks  :)

Still in awe when I catch myself in the mirror!

CONE BELLY! Top is normal, looking down while slouching. Bottom is when I go to sit up and contract my muscles! Weird!

Enjoying SPRING on a long walk in the sun.  <3

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How far along? 25 weeks !

Total Weight Gain: I don’t know, ha! 20 something. Not tracking so closely anymore.  :)

Stretch Marks: None so far… ahhh fingers crossed!

Belly button: is looking strange. That’s all I got. Ha.

Showing: Gosh I looked back at other pics where I thought I was showing…so funny! 

Movement: She’s so cute, we love feeling her move! As of now it seems she’s up every other hour. Up for an hour, asleep for an hour. And when she’s up I can feel her allll over. Way down in my pelvis, high up near my stomach, to the sides, everywhere!

Feeling: Can you tell from my picture? Haha. Workouts have been kicking my butt lately! The last workout we did pretty much laid me up. I didn’t push very hard – in fact I barely sweat and felt like it was mediocre. But the whole next day (snow day thank god!) I literally didn’t get up from the couch except to use the bathroom and bake cookies ;) I had NO energy and my back was hurting (which happens all the time now but it was worse yesterday). So needless to say, I have been feeling a little sluggish lately. Hence the PJ pants pic!

Cravings: None.  :)

Symptoms: My lower back hurts when I stand for too long or lay in one position too long.

Missing: Fitting in to my clothes.  J Clothes that I thought would fit long into my pregnancy because they had ‘room’ in them are definitely NOT fitting… Thanks mama for helping me develop a new wardrobe!

Looking Forward to: Holding her in our arms!

Sleep: Still sleeping very well with a fluffy pillow wedged under me!

Exercise: The last time I felt like I had to consciously drop weight and intensity was around 18 weeks. Since then Ive stuck to pretty much the same routine. However this week, with how Ive been feeling during and after workouts, I feel like its time to drop it back another notch.  

Eating: Feeling normal in this area. Not extra hungry, not overly full, no indigestion or anything uncomfortable. Still eating healthy with extra treats here and there. I have been neglecting my daily green smoothie lately – with it being o cold and snowy I have had no desire for it – but I can feel the effects of not having that extra nutrition boost so I’m working them back in!

Thoughts this week: I found a picture of my abs the summer I got pregnant and compared it to now. Oh. Em. Gee. LOVING being pregnant, and it's definitely made me more proud of myself and the hard work I put in to my body, prior to pregnancy and currently. It may not show on the outside right now  but I am excited to see if I can get back to where I was. However this time, I will be easier on myself. Pregnancy has helped me realize that I was incredibly hard on myself before, and not in a healthy way. I was always seeing imperfections and feeling down. Now that my body is changing uncontrollably, I look back and wonder, "what the hell was I thinking?!" After this pregnancy I want I continue to stay fit and healthy, but also appreciate my body and respect myself enough to enjoy life and be an amazing example for our daughter. She's already making me a better person. 

Baby bump!

Snow pants won't button, haha.

An interesting image I found of what happens to your insides as the baby grows!

My workout partner. Love him so much <3

Feeling insecure at the gym sometimes lately - bump is definitely more obvious!

T25 with ladies at work!